As a hired director, you are exposed to the balancing act between the company’s best interest and the operational business on one hand side and the various legal and liability-related obligations on the other hand. If contradictory interests are added within the company group, it becomes even more difficult. Losing track of all the legal and liability-related obligations in the day-to-day business happens faster than most people might think.If in addition the company comes into difficulties or enters a crisis situation, a call for director’s liability is often heard.



We support you in these cases. Be it that you are accused of a delay in filing for insolvency by the thereafter appointed insolvency administrator, be it that preference actions are brought against you, because you are accused of having received payments in the knowledge of an intentional fraudulent trading against other creditors.

Naturally we also represent your interests outside of insolvency and crisis situations, i.e. in judicial disputes after you have separated from the company.