The goal for every company is to generate turnover and earn money. This goal can be jeapordized by unreliable customers.

If your customer is late in payment, there may be many reasons for this. The invoice has simply been overlooked, the customer has justified or unjustified objections against the invoiced amount, his liquidity is bad or it belongs to his company’s philosophy to pay late in order to get an interest-free line of credit.

In the first case, simply remembering your customer on the invoice will do; in all other cases, the involvement of a lawyer can help motivate the customer to pay his invoice. We are happy to assist you in the recovery of your claims, starting with writing extrajudicial payment reminders, the commencement of payment actions in court, recognition of foreign judgements up to enforcement of judgements.

Based on our litigation experience, we can present different scenarios for the recovery of your receivables, discuss with you the respective prospects and determine the ideal strategy for you, taking into account possibly existing longer business relationships and the importance of that customer for your business. We always offer a full transparency on our costs.

Do you have a lot of claims with a claim amount below 1.000 €? Does your company have claims against numerous customers all over the EU? In this case, our debt management and debt recovery is the right solution for you.

We will prepare and send out formal collection letters to your customers, not only in Germany but EU-wide in an automated and cost-effective manner. The collection letters are either drawn up in the language of the country your customer is located or in the language used by you and your customer in the process of the business. Your advantage is that you receive a debt management from a single source and do not have a different contact person or law firm in each country.

Due to our pan-European network, we can manage your debt recovery process throughout Europe also in court, should an out-of-court settlement fail.