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Would you like to enter a new market and test the market potential of your products outside your domestic market? Is it important to you to use the existing market knowledge of experienced sellers, their knowledge about country-specific characteristics and their network? Are you looking for a sales representative or sales distributor?

We are pleased to provide advisory support in negotiating contractual conditions with a sales representative or distributor, draft agent contracts, give you an overview on the rights and obligations of sales representatives and distributors and advise you, if you and your sales representative or distributor go separate ways.

We also help to protect your intellectual property, know-how and your data, in particular customer data, even against possible infringements by your sales representative or distributor.



The risk of using WhatsApp for business


Employees, who have been provided with a business cell phone, as well as employers, who provide business cell phones to their employees, should make sure that the application WhatsApp isn´t installed on the cell phone or secure otherwise that the WhatsApp provider cannot collect information from the address book of the cell phone and process them.

The Bad Hersfeld district court has ruled in a custody battle that the parents of a child under age must present declarations of agreement from all contacts listed in the child’s cell phone’s address book that the contacts agree to a disclosure of their contact information to the WhatsApp’s provider. According to the court’s opinion, the minor child as well as its caretaking parents are potentially liable for damages, if the declaration of agreement cannot be presented to the court.

The interesting part of the judgment is that the court stated that in particular insurance brokers or consultants, lawyers, bank clerks, teachers and other people, who typically deal with personal data from customers and record their clients, customers or pupil’s contact details in the address book on their cell phones, in which the application WhatsApp is installed or will be installed at a later date, may be liable for damages, provided the respective person did not agree to a disclosure and transmission of their data to WhatsApp.

With regard to the aforementioned professional groups, the topic is even more explosive since a commercial use of the data has to be assumed. Such commercial use without the appropriate consent of the respective person and the transfer of the data to third parties can be punished with a fine in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG). In addition to the risk of a fine, both the WhatsApp user and in case of a business cell phone the employer are exposed to potential cease and desist as well as damage claims.

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