Finding qualified and reliable employees is already difficult enough, without worrying about the formal requirements of the employment. If you have found the right person for the job, we will take over and


– draft the required employment contract for a flat rate;

– discuss your possibilities for salary structure, among others bonuses for executive and key employees and advise on social insurance and tax issues in cross-border and multiple employment situations;

– advise you on secondment of employees within the EU and explain the social insurance and tax implications for the seconded person;


To separate from an employee is always a difficult situation for both sides, which requires a lot of tact, regardless of the reasons for parting way. Discretion and sensitivity determine our work in this area.

We provide you with practical and comprehensible guidelines, which contain everything you need to dismiss your employee and, if necessary, to conclude a subsequent severance agreement. From calculating the dismissal period to advising on applicable dismissal restrictions to the calculation and tax assessment of the severance payment, we guide you through the process.

Naturally we also provide you with letters of dismissal and drafts of severance agreements, assist you in the negotiation process with your employee and accompany the separation from your employee to the end.