One of our core competences is servicing companies with a medium-sized structure. Such companies may differ in size, but they have one thing in common: the owner-led style of management and the management’s proximity to the operative business. We know the entrepreneurs‘ expectations towards their consultants on quality, efficiency and speed of response and are looking forward to meeting such demands on a daily basis. We believe that due to our economic competence and experience we can contribute a small part to the entrepreneurial success of our client.

Doing Business

Due to our international experience, our clients gladly involve us in corporate and commercial law issues of a cross-border nature. Be it the engagement of a sales agent, the foundation of a subsidiary or foreign branch office or the purchase of a company or parts of a company abroad. We mainly represent owner-managed small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and are therefore familiar with the fast decision-making processes that are typical for these companies and can react accordingly.
In the local market, we accompany our client from the first steps into independence and self-employment and collaborate with them in a close and faithful manner in all areas of business law. Through this close and long-term collaboration, we know our clients’ business quite well and are therefore able to give them the best advice possible and the support they really need.