Foundation GmbH


You have decided to set up a German limited liability company (GmbH)? But you don’t know exactly which contracts you need for this or what options you have regarding the foundation?

Foundation GmbH

Paket: GmbH-Gründung

In the following table, we have put together three options for setting up a German limited liability company, depending on your need for advice and support, what kind of activity your company is to carry out and how many shareholders want to participate in the company.

Please note that the following prices refer only to pure cash foundations, i.e. the share capital is paid in cash.


Service is provided by bunk-alliance Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Service is provided by bunk-alliance administrative services GmbH
Foundation of German Limited
- Basic -
Foundation of German Limited
- Business -
Foundation of German Limited
- Premium -
Initial consultation on the founding procedure (by means of telecommunication);
max. 15 min. in English or German
max. 30 min. in English or German
max. 45 min. in English or German
Advice in relation to the name of company,
highlighting trademark and copyright risks (in English or German)
Preliminary examination of company name at IHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
Clarification of minimum/obligatory information on the company
on letterheads, website etc. (in English or German)
Sample protocol for the establishment of a one-person company
Multi-person company with up to 3 shareholders
Preparation of an individual statute for up to 2 shareholders
with seat/residence in the EU
Preparation of individual articles of association for up to 5 shareholders
with seat/residence in the EU
Preparation of shareholder resolutions for the establishment of the company
and to appoint the managing director of the company
Coordination of appointment with a notary public
Assistance in completing the business registration form
Preparation of the opening balance sheet
Registration with the tax office
Application for an EU-VAT-ID no.
Access to sample collection for 1 year
Not included:
  • Trademark collision check of name of company;
  • Attendance of a consultant during the notary appointment;
  • Interpreting and translation services;
  • Notary costs.
300,00 € net
357,00 € gross
700,00€ net
833,00 € gross
1.000,00 € net
1.190,00 € gross

If you book one of our packages for Foundation-of-a-GmbH we recommend that you also take a look at our additional packages for the preparation of a managing director’s employment contract.

Additional package: Managing Director

GmbH: Zusatzpaket

You have decided to found a German limited liability company (GmbH)? You are the sole shareholder and will you also be the sole managing director? Nevertheless, you should not do without a managing director’s contract of employment. This serves as a taxable proof that your remuneration is not a hidden profit distribution.

You are a partner of a GmbH and want to take over the management? You have obtained financial support from investors to finance your start-up, to whom you are accountable? In order to prevent later disputes with the other partners, you should conclude an individual managing director’s contract of employment, which regulates your obligations towards the GmbH and thus also towards the other partners. If you do not have a majority shareholder position, this can also help to clarify your social security status.

You would like to hand over the management of your company to a third party, but you want to ensure certain control functions for yourself? You would like to hire an external manager?

Additional package I
Additional package II
Managing Director Employment Contract (acc. to German law and in German language)
For start-up companies or one-man company
Managing Director Position
Managing Director is the sole shareholder
Managing Director is one of several partners
external, hired manager
Remuneration: fixed salary, optional bonus
Company car arrangement
Leave arrangements
Dismissal clause
Severance package
(upon request)
Individual competition clause
Pension promise (continued salary during sickness, health insurance, occupational disability etc.)
Catalog of transactions requiring approval
(upon request)
Confidentiality clause
300,00 € net
357,00 € gross
900,00 € net
1.071,00 € gross
Additional package: Non-EU

Zusatzpaket: GmbH-Drittstaaten

Your company is registered in a country outside the EU and you want to establish a subsidiary in Germany?

You want to establish a GmbH (limited liability company) in Germany and take over the position of a shareholder, but you are a third-country national, i. e. you have neither the German nationality nor the nationality of another EU country?

Choose our package: Foundation of German Limited – Premium – and as an additional package the following package: Additional package third countries and we gladly take over the establishment of a limited liability company (GmbH) and accompany you during the establishment process.

Surcharge to the package: Foundation of German Limited -Premium-
900,00 € netto
1.071,00 € brutto

Please note that this additional package can only be booked together with the package Foundation of German Limited – Premium -, a combination with packages Foundation of German Limited -Basic- or Foundation of German Limited -Business- is not possible.

Additional package: Accounting

Bookkeeping package

Financial and payroll accounting, an offer exclusively for newly founded GmbHs

Would you like to establish a limited liability company in Germany and are concerned about who will take care of your accounting? You have just founded a German limited liability company and would like to concentrate on building up your business instead of dealing with accounting? You have hired employees and want to make sure that wages and salaries are accounted for correctly and that the required reports are sent to the tax offices and social security agencies on time?

For the first year after having founded a German limited liability company, bunk-alliance administrative services GmbH offers you the handling of your accounting so that you can concentrate on building up your business, gain a foothold in the market and an overview on accounting procedures.

Financial accounting

You will send all receipts via email by the 3rd of a month, the originals can be delivered at a later date.

bunk-alliance administrative services GmbH requires the following information for the processing of your accounting:

  • A/P invoices;
  • A/R invoices;
  • Bank account statements of the banks with which you maintain business accounts;
  • if necessary, other evidence as requested.
Financial Accounting
- Basic -
Financial Accounting
- Business -
Financial Accounting
- Premium -
Turnover p.a.
< 20.000 €
< 100.000 €
< 300.000 €
Account assignment of submitted documents for current business transactions
Preparation and transmission of advance turnover tax return and sales tax prepayment
Preparation and transmission of ZM-statements (Zusammenfassende Meldungen - Recapitulative statements)
Correspondence with thetax office
Monthly reports, such as BWA (business assessment)
Consultation on accounting per month by means of telecommunication
Acc. to actual expenditure*
incl. 45 min.
the acc. to actual expenditure*
incl. 1,5 h
then acc. to actual expenditure*
Non-recurring set-up fee 160,00 € net, resp. 190,40 € gross
Fee for the 1st year,
payable in 12 equal instalments by prepayment
600,00 € net
714,00 € gross
1.800,00 € net
2.142,00 € gross
3.600,00 € net
4.284,00 € gross

*Consulting rate: 50,00 €/h for a 10-minutes billing cycle

The package does not include tax and/or legal services. Please contact BLPA | bunk-alliance Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH for this purpose.


Payroll accounting

Ongoing payroll accounting
Calculation of current payroll taxes (wage taxes and social security contributions)
Transmission of notification to health insurance companies (Sozialversicherungsträger)
Transmission of reports to tax office
Correspondence with tax offices regarding payroll accounting
Consultation on payroll accounting by means of telecommunicationAcc. to actual expenditure*
Registration and deregistration of employees entering or leaving the company with social insurance institution
15,00 € net
17,85 € gross
Transmission of "AAG-Meldungen" (acc. to the to the Act on compensation of continued pay of wages and social contributions to small enterprises) health insurance companies in the event of employee sickness, per notice
15,00 € netto
17,85 € brutto
Preparation of payroll accounting and keeping record of payroll accounting for fixed wages per employee per month
15,00 € ne
17,85 € gross
Preparation of payroll accounting and keeping record of payroll accounting for variable wages (not fixed) per employee per month
20,00 € net
23,80 € gross

*Consulting rate: 50,00 €/h for a 10-minutes billing cycle


Please note that the Payroll-Accounting-Package can only be booked together with the Financial Accounting – Business – or Financial Accounting – Premium – package.

The package does not include tax and/or legal services. Please contact BLPA | bunk-alliance Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH for this purpose.