Package: Construction

When recruiting construction workers, it is important to observe the rules of the collective labour agreements, which is often not the case with sample forms that are available on the web.

We therefore offer you our industry-specific additional package to your employment contract package, so that the contract really „fits“ at the end of the day. Please note that this package can only be booked in addition to the „Employment Contract – Business -„package.


The additional package for the construction industry includes the following clauses:

  • Taking into account the specific nature of the relevant collective labour agreements;
  • Job description with wage group assignment;
  • Work-time clause including flexitime account clause;
  • Clause on fixed monthly wage;
  • Clause on travel expenses and meal allowance;
  • Clause on work clothes;
  • Clause on occupational safety.


Surcharge: 150,00 € net 178,50 € gross