Employment contracts

package: Employment contracts

You would like to hire a new employee and need an employment contract? Do you want to standardize the employment contracts in your company and use uniform employment patterns? We offer employment contracts tailored to your needs for a variety of positions, from workers to executives.

Employment contracts

Employment contract

We offer  the preparation of the following employment contract samples according to German law. The contracts are drafted in German, translations into other languages are not covered by the package prices below.

Employment contract
- Basic -
Employment contract
- Business -
Employment contract
- Premium -
Initial consultation by means of telecommunication
(in English or German)
max. 15 min.
max. 30 min.
max. 45 min.
Job description
Termination clause and clause on probationary period (optional)
Working time clause - standard
Overtime and overtime pay
Flexitime clause
Salary: fixed monthly salary
Salary: on an hourly basis
Gratuity like Christmas bonus, vacation benefit,
13. month pay or similar (optional)
Bonus clause
Company car clause (optional)
Expenses clause (optional)
clause (optional)
Clause on mobile phone and laptop for business (optional)
Company flat clause (optional)
Moving expenses clause (optional)
Additional benefits such as child benefit,
company discount or alike (optional)
Training costs clause (optional)
Social security and continued salary payments
Accident and occupational disability insurance (optional)
Pension commitment (optional)
Annual leave -
Annual leave: devided by statutory and contractual leave
Option for garden leave during notice period
Return of company property
Standard confidentiality clause
Individual confidentiality clause
Sideline regulation
Non-compete clause
Postcontractual non-compete clause (optional)
Clause on employee inventions
Not included:
  • Translation costs.
350,00 € net
416,50 € gross
600,00 € net
714,00 € gross
850,00 € net
1.011,50 € gross

For some industries, such as the transportation industry and construction industry, we offer industry-specific additional employment contract provisions that can be booked in addition to our above packages. We therefore recommend that you take a look at our additional packages.

If you would like to have explanations on the German social security system, or if you would like to see examples of calculations for the employers‘ financial burden (employers‘ gross costs or total labour costs) and, on the other hand, for the amount actually paid out to the employee (net wage), we recommend that you book an additional package.

Package: Transport industry

Package: Transport industry

The transport sector also has its own particularities when it comes to drawing up employment contracts, whether it is the employment contracts for your drivers or your transport manager.

Here you can add your industry-specific additional package to your employment contract package. Please note our information following the overview on our additional packages.


Additional package
-Driver -
Additional package
- Transport Manager -
Additional package
- Transport Manager -
Clause on breaks, driving time limits and rest periods
Book with Employment contract
- Business -
Book with Employment contract
- Premium -
Handling of the EC-tachographClause regarding the effective and continuous management of the transport activitiesClause regarding the effective and continuous management of the transport activities
Clause on night and weekend work payCompliance with Community legislationCompliance with Community legislation
Bonus paymentsAssurance on good repuetAssurance on good repuet
Sample catalog of specific termination reasonsAssurance regarding the maintenance of the fleetAssurance regarding the maintenance of the fleet
Clause on possession and maintenance of driving licenses, as well as fines, driving bans
and suspension of driving licenses
Clause on professional competentceClause on professional competence
Clause on the handling and maintenance of the trucksRemuneration, optionally including bonusRemuneration, optionally including bonus
Clause on behaviour in case of an accident or breakdownClause on sufficient presence at the place of establishmentClause on sufficient presence at the place of establishment
Clause on working clothes
Clause on occupational safety
150,00€ net
178,50 € gross
300,00 € net
357,00 € gross
150,00 € net
178,50 € gross


Please note that the additional package for drivers can only be booked together with the package Employment contract – Business -. The additional package „Transport managers“ can be added to the package Employment contract – Business – or Employment contract – Premium -.

Package: Construction industry

Package: Construction

When recruiting construction workers, it is important to observe the rules of the collective labour agreements, which is often not the case with sample forms that are available on the web.

We therefore offer you our industry-specific additional package to your employment contract package, so that the contract really „fits“ at the end of the day. Please note that this package can only be booked in addition to the „Employment Contract – Business -„package.


The additional package for the construction industry includes the following clauses:

  • Taking into account the specific nature of the relevant collective labour agreements;
  • Job description with wage group assignment;
  • Work-time clause including flexitime account clause;
  • Clause on fixed monthly wage;
  • Clause on travel expenses and meal allowance;
  • Clause on work clothes;
  • Clause on occupational safety.


Surcharge: 150,00 € net 178,50 € gross