Consulting packages

You dread hiring a lawyer because lawyers are always expensive? Do you have a certain budget for your consulting needs and don’t want to end up with a nasty surprise with the bill? You are interested in a transparent cost structure, but are hesitant to ask your lawyer about the costs or remuneration models at the beginning?

For all these reasons, we offer you consulting packages for certain services. You can take a look at our consulting packages online and compare prices, just as you are used to do with regard to other services. Once you have decided on a consulting package, you can either use an online form or contact us by phone. The services per consulting package are as clearly defined as the price.

We currently offer the following consulting packages:

Foundation GmbH

You have decided to set up a German limited liability company (GmbH)? But you don’t know exactly which contracts you need for this or what options you have regarding the foundation?