The scope of our services is particularly tailored to the handling of cross-border issues.

We do not only take on tasks in which the legal advice and implementation is carried out by our own employees.
As contact persons for medium-sized companies, we are also involved in many projects as responsible project coordinators and main contact persons, where the focus of our legal activities is not in countries in which we have our own branch offices.

  • We assume the task of selecting, coordinating, supervising and leadingĀ the respective legal and economic advisors on site for the management of our clients and report to the management.
  • In cases where an economic decision has to be made, we prepare the information arriving from various sources for the management in such a way that they can make an informed decision.
  • Problems that are to be understood as „day-to-day business“ are decided by us in accordance with the instructions given by the client and subsequently reported on in collected form. This relieves the management especially in the case of extensive projects (e.g. M&A) massively and frees them from the usual „background sums“ during project implementation. This enables our client to concentrate on the essentials during project implementation and on the other hand retain full control and still be able to meet the further demands of day-to-day business.

Since for us the implementation of such projects (be it M&A, complex disputes, cooperation agreements or restructuring negotiations) is, unlike for the management of many medium-sized companies, part of our day-to-day business, we are usually in a position, due to our knowledge of the market and our organisational structure as well as our network, to design the projects so much more efficiently that the costs of our involvement are predominantly or completely outweighed by the savings compared to the „usual“ procedure. The relief of the management and quality control in the selection and monitoring of consultants are added free of charge, so to speak.