You have decided to found a German limited liability company (GmbH)? You are the sole shareholder and will you also be the sole managing director? Nevertheless, you should not do without a managing director’s contract of employment. This serves as a taxable proof that your remuneration is not a hidden profit distribution.

You are a partner of a GmbH and want to take over the management? You have obtained financial support from investors to finance your start-up, to whom you are accountable? In order to prevent later disputes with the other partners, you should conclude an individual managing director’s contract of employment, which regulates your obligations towards the GmbH and thus also towards the other partners. If you do not have a majority shareholder position, this can also help to clarify your social security status.

You would like to hand over the management of your company to a third party, but you want to ensure certain control functions for yourself? You would like to hire an external manager?

Additional package I
Additional package II
Managing Director Employment Contract (acc. to German law and in German language)
For start-up companies or one-man company
Managing Director Position
Managing Director is the sole shareholder
Managing Director is one of several partners
external, hired manager
Remuneration: fixed salary, optional bonus
Company car arrangement
Leave arrangements
Dismissal clause
Severance package
(upon request)
Individual competition clause
Pension promise (continued salary during sickness, health insurance, occupational disability etc.)
Catalog of transactions requiring approval
(upon request)
Confidentiality clause
300,00 € net
357,00 € gross
900,00 € net
1.071,00 € gross