Managing a company in a crisis situation, you are already sufficiently stressed. The situation can prove risky not only for your company but for yourself personally. Consultants whose primary task is to minimize their own risk by avoiding clear statements are no help. They are an additional stress and risk factor.

We accompany you in the reorganization process with practice-oriented, clear and comprehensible guidance. We believe that an advisor who becomes uncertain of his own advise in a crisis situation, has no business to be there. What you can expect of us, are clear and comprehensible legal statements. The business-decision remains yours.

Obviously, we cannot take away the risks associated with your specific situation. But we can help you to minimize those. We owe to you a clear and unmistakable description of the same. Not statements which consist mainly of qualifications. We wave red flags, where risks become intolerable and provide you with practice-oriented alternative solutions.

Should these alternatives prove painful, we accompany you to the very end.