Do you lack the manpower to handle non-performing credit exposures with the required commitment? You do not want to sell non-performing loans and are looking for alternatives?

With us, you can “outsource” your bad debts.

By “outsourcing” we mean the active takeover of the management of non-performing loans. By this we distinguish from our servicers, which manage the debt more or less well. You combine the work relief that you would receive when selling the debt, but retain the control and minimize a potential reputation risk as the debt remains in-house.

YOUR advantages:

  • Relieving the in-house staff from routine work;
  • Release of capacities for higher-ranking tasks and/or credit exposures with higher probability of recovery;
  • Full control over the credit exposure;
  • No reputational risks, as no sale of receivables;
  • Revenues remain with the lender;
  • No risk of mispricing receivables;
  • Full cost control through monthly flat fees.

OUR servicers:

  • Taking over of all everyday activities according to previous agreement;
  • Leading negotiations with debtors up to a submission of a final proposal for restructuring;
  • Representation in creditors’ committees and drafting of reports according to your internal need or documentation requirements;
  • Preparation of board papers and proposals for resolution by the board (if desired);
  • Carrying out or supervising enforcement measures during the recovery phase;
  • Answering auditor’s questionnaires on the value of the commitment, if desired;
  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly progress reports according to your documentation needs.

Did we pique your interest?

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