Financial institutions often lack sufficient manpower to effectively exercise tasks in creditor committees. In some cases, there are also concerns to position an employee of the financial institution in a creditor committee for fear of reputational risks of out of business policy considerations. Due to those reasons, the effective exercise of control and the representation of the financial institutions’ interest during the restructuring and insolvency proceedings is often neglected.

This is why we offer our experienced consultants in this area to become engaged on your behalf. This not only ensures that the interest of the financial institution is taken into account during the insolvency proceedings, but we also take over control and reporting obligations towards the internal bodies of the financial institution. This ensures that on the one hand side there is sufficient “distance” to the insolvency proceedings to minimize reputational risks, while on the other hand “proximity” is ensured to realize a clean flow of information and a balance of interests in the creditor’s favor.

We would be pleased to take on the function of a creditor committee member for you and thus ensure that you are not only always informed on the progress and the status of the proceedings “first hand”, but also that your legitimate interests are sufficiently heard in the “concert of the participants”.