Over the years, we have handled numerous legal matters for companies from the road haulage and freight industry. Therefore, we are well acquainted with the demands of road haulage companies and can offer you an all-round package on the typical legal issues in this sector.

We accompany you from the very beginning and service you throughout your daily business. Our typical tasks in this sector include:

  • advice on the first steps towards self-employment or
  • establishing a foreign subsidiary;
  • assisting in obtaining a Community License;
  • coordinating the recognition of the Certificate of Professional Competence for the Transport Manager;
  • consulting on labor law related issues, from drafting an employment agreement to advising on claims for expenses, working and driving times, secondment of employees incl. social insurance and tax implications to the dismissal of employees and a representation in labor law litigation;
  • debt management and debt recovery, whereby we can offer an EU-wide debt recovery (out-of-court) out of one hand at competitive flat fee rates;
  • registration of trademarks and protection of intellectual property;
  • advice on customs detentions and representation against the customs office and the public prosecutors’ office;
  • advice and defense against forfeiture ordered by the customs office.

Through our network partners, we can also offer competent advice in the areas of traffic law, be it in cases of violation of driving or resting times or other regulations of the law governing driving personnel. Also in case of traffic accidents and in the subsequent handling of damage claims with the insurance, the repair shop or the principal of the transfer order because of damaged goods or delayed delivery, you are in competent hands with our network partners.