Are you a hired, external managing director in a company? Do you represent your company’s interests on a daily basis, but you also consider yourself exposed to increasing legal obligations and liability risks that must be brought in line with the company’s as well as the holding’s objectives?

The legal pitfalls quickly slip out of focus in the demands that accompany the management of a company on a daily basis. For this reason, questions on internal and external liability of directors combined with possible labor-law related consequences will arise frequently. We are ready to offer advice and help you to keep track of the legal obligations and support you in the balancing act between your own interests, the interests of your company and the interests of the holding.

Particularly in times of a company crisis, it is important for the managing director to be on the safe side from a legal point of view. We advise you on insolvency law issues and point out the duties of the management in a crisis situation.

More recently, insolvency administrators have increasingly come to sue managing directors for reimbursement of bonuses received after an insolvency had occurred. As one of our core specializations is in the area of restructuring and insolvency, we are able to argue with the insolvency administrator at eye level and have successfully defended our clients in a number of preference actions commenced by insolvency administrators.   

We provide counselling in the drafting process and in conclusion of a management contract, on questions on social security and income tax, in particular with regard to cross-border and multiple employment within a group of companies and represent you in disputes and litigations with the company, the shareholders or your co-managers.