„Profit is not the only thing that counts!“


Economic requirements are a central but by no means exclusive factor applied by banks in preparation of a decision.

When serving a financial institution, an advisor is faced with the additional challenges of embedding his advice into the general business policies, considering reputational risks and the fact that a bank is more willing to respond to the interests of its customers than it is typically the case for a contracting party. These numerous factors, which are uncommon in a standard consulting situation, must be taken into account by the advisor in his counselling. In addition, due to the banks‘ internal structure, decision-making processes are far more complex than this is usually the case in a lawyer’s engagement. The even greater emphasize on confidentiality, other criteria in the assessment of legal risks and simply also the greater number of participants involved on the client’s side are further challenges.

We have been rising to such challenges since the beginning of our activities with success. We advise credit institutions both in standard situations (particularly in cross-border cases towards Poland) as well as in crises and restructuring scenarios. Our scope of service extends from the simple preparation of legal opinions to the implementation and enforcement of collaterals, to the de facto “outsourcing” of a non-performing engagement, where we act on behalf of our client in creditors’ committees, take over restructuring or sales negotiations and undertake preparation works for the compliance with internal reporting requirements.

We will gladly explain our range of services to you in a personal meeting.

For confidentiality reasons, we are limited in providing you with references. If necessary however, we can refer you to a number of people in financial institutions and various other institutions, who can serve as a reference.