Since 2004, we have been working as consultants and advisors for our clients in the area of cross-border legal advice.

A strategic focus for us is advising foreign companies (both EU and non-EU companies) in their business activities in Germany and Poland. We understand our clients’ legal environment, are able to meet him in his home place and guide him safely across the differences into the new legal environment of his new market. The understanding of conceptual differences and details is essential for us in order to not only speak the same language as our client, but also give the same meaning to the words used.

Another core area of our activities is advising German and Polish companies in their foreign markets. If we can’t advise our clients on the respective national law ourselves, we are nonetheless often used by our clients as intermediary to the local legal and/or economic advisor. In these cases, we serve as a kind of intermediary or adapter and communicate the legal differences in the respective country to our client, while at the same time ensuring that the local legal and/or economic consultant captures our client’s situation and correctly considers it in his advice. We ensure that the advice that our client receives is seamlessly adapted to his needs and no links have to be provided at a later stage.

Our range of service meets the needs of our clients and therefore covers all important aspects of business activity, with special consideration of cross-border factors. At the same time, advice in crises and restructuring situations is an important part of our advisory spectrum.

Since 2011, we have been the initiator and are part of the BLPA law firm and advisory network with partners from Europe and North America. The members and network partners are hand-picked specialists with many years of professional experience – according to our philosophy that not the quantity of the consultants but the quality is what counts!